This blog is primarily about a dream – to escape my employment for a month, to build a kayak and then take that kayak on a solo multi-week journey on the Oregon and Washington coast. I moved to a small Alaskan island town for work, but quickly fell in love with the idea of kayak travel. Upon discovering a craftsman and kayaking enthusiast in northern coastal Oregon who teaches construction classes for skin-on-frame kayaks, my plan quickly became set. I have filled the months since putting the down-payment on the class with planning, reading, and preparation of my strength and endurance. Soon, the water will be warm enough and I will start on practice. Thus, what I plan to include here is the distilled cogitations I have engaged in during my attempt to fashion fruition from this dream.

Some reality will undoubtedly leak through, like radiation against the tin foil shield I wear to protect my thought processes from our gray overlords. In those cases it will likely be ramblings akin to my career in the legal field. Pass by unless you find yourself bereft of sleep.

To come (in no particular order): (1) amazing and astounding gear list for 2-4 weeks on the pacific coast!; (2) a recounting of a late summer canoe float on the yukon river from eagle to circle; (3) books, map sources, and other planning resources; (4) route & overnight destinations

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