Geared Up

The following is a description of the kit that I have assembled to provide me with shelter, safety, and nourishment for a 2-4 week journey on the Pacific Coast of these United States. Because I will be traveling solo and unsupported, I must tote more in equipment/food/water than I would if this were a shorter trip, I were traveling in a group, or there were resupply points.

I already have a well-tested set of backpacking gear, so I turned to the following kayak-specific resources to round it out.

In the following two photos my gear is displayed (1) laid out on the floor, and (2) in a mesh dive-gear bag. Not included in the picture is: food, water, drysuit, hand pump, paddle float, tow rope setup (I’m making my own – more about that in a later post), hand-troll line, pogies, VHF radio, sleeping bag, tarp, and sea sock. Also, since I have to fly to Oregon and then build the kayak, I am taking tools, which are also in the picture. Any extraneous items, including tools, will be mailed home before I set out to sea.

Gear displayed
Gear displayed

Rain layer – jacket and pants
Top fleece layer – jacket and pants
Wool baselayer (heavy) – top and bottom
Poly baselayer (light) – top and bottom
Socks (4 heavy wool & 4 light poly)
Gloves – (1) rubberized work gloves, (1) warm camp gloves
Beanies – (1) poly hat, (1) large poly hat
Shoes – (1) running shoes, (1) neoprene dive boots
Drysuit (not shown)
Pogies (not shown)
Underwear (2 outdoor fabric, 2 nice)

Land Use
Shelter: Tent, groundcloth, poles, stakes, sleeping pad, tarp (not shown), sleeping bag (not shown)
Cooking: pot, pan, stove, spoon/knife/fork, can opener, containers, lighter
Water: 10 liter bladder, 2 liter bladder, 1 liter bladder, bandanna (as sediment filter), Aquamira water purification drops
1st Aid: SAM splint, bandaids, pine sap, ibuprofen, tape, ACE bandage, alcohol swabs
Sewing: (2) small needles, (1) large needles, poly thread, safety pins, buttons
Repair/General: multi-tool, super glue, GOOP, zip ties, paracord / fire starter, matches, lighter, flint, candle
Entertainment/Electronic: solar/hand crank powered weather radio, kindle, books, recorder, batteries, charger
Misc: headlamp (backup, not waterproof), food bag throw-rope, bug repellent, hand shovel, stuff sacks, 100ft of daisy-chained paracord (soon to be cut up for a tow-line and other items).

Water Use
Navigation: GPS, maps (not shown), dive chart board, waterproof paper, deck compass
Safety: PFD, EPIRB, VHF radio (not shown), whistle, strobe light, hand pump (not shown)
General: waterproof binoculars, waterproof headlamp, hand troll line (not shown), knife, dry bags

Gear packed
Gear packed



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