Gear – Weighed and Measured

Everything together in the dive bag (except for those items noted as ‘not shown’) weighs approx. 28 lbs. This leaves me some room for the remainder of my gear, plus water (approx 29 lbs with all 13 liters of capacity filled), plus food (5-8lbs per week?). Depending on how much my food weighs once I put it together, I may mail a box of goodies to myself to one of the little towns around Cape Flattery.

The total weight of all supplies combined will impact which of two boat designs I eventually build: the smaller, more effecient F1, or the longer, larger capacity, faster, yet increased drag LPB. Based on the description of the F1’s benefits, I really hope to build that design. However, with a 170lb person plus 110 lbs of gear, it has very little freeboard, and could present problems if I were to capsize, fail to roll, and am then forced to pump out the boat and re-enter in rough seas. To partially answer this qualm I broke down and purchased a sea sock.


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